Wealth Needs No Location- Find Out Why?


Because the internet gives everyone access to the same pot of Gold.

At Kritko.com, we help find jobs for Africans which in turn if used right, they can start growing their own wealth by –

1.       Saving – from your skill set you can earn money on Kritko.com which gives you an opportunity to save

2.       When you get money don’t buy things you don’t need

3.       Invest into an asset that will pay you

4.       Most Africans using Kritko.com will get paid in dollars which goes a long way in Africa. Create a small business in your area and build up from there.

5.       Remember money is important, but not essential so help others who need you

6.       Remember when you start getting more and more jobs on Kritko.com, build your knowledge do not leave it there. Try to expand your business into other things

7.       Remember money is the old currency, building relationships is the new currency

8.       Stay healthy, before you start work, do some exercise. It helps one your mind at the beginning of the day

9.       Teach, I m sure many people in your town and village would want to learn what you know

10.   Remember knowledge is not power, how you use the knowledge in a consistent way putting that knowledge to work is POWER.

11. Spread the word about Kritko.com The website helps Africans find Jobs.

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