Shocking News – Why are There No Jobs in Nigeria?

According to a popular newspaper, 4 out of 10 people in Nigeria have no job and the ones who have jobs are not getting paid. But is this just about Nigeria or Africa as a whole?

Are Nigerians getting left behind because of their chosen career or is this so bad of a crisis that Africans are suffering.

I know this is a harsh thing to say, however what’s done has been done and there is no point crying over spilt milk.

If I was in Nigeria the first thing I would do is retrain, look for skills that will help me work online

Start learning about what skills is there lack of online and star learning it

Be different do not follow what everyone is doing, look for a specific skill and stick to it

There are so many free courses online, a good one is Udemy, they do free and paid courses

Get on to websites like this one which is dedicated to the African people and for African people to help give them jobs and start making money online.

Start providing value to companies who approach you on

When you start building your work profile on start helping others and help them build so they can have an opportunity to provide for their families too

Sign up on today – you can sign up as an employer or a worker!

Thank you

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