Job Seeker FAQ

How do I get paid?

At, employers pay their workers directly, and not through our site. We don’t take a percentage of salary payments as a fee. So, how workers are paid is decided between employer and worker.

There are two ways to get paid. Here are some websites where your employer can send money online.

  • Bank Cards (Using stripe)
  • PayPal

When do I get paid?

It really depends on what you and your employer have agreed upon. Normally you will get paid either every 2 weeks or once a month. However, we do recommend that workers ask to be paid weekly when they are first hired to limit their risk of working with a new employer.

How do I know this is legit ?

Well…you probably won’t, until you try it. We’ve helped thousands of Africans get jobs with Foreign companies, and helped them work from home. is the largest African job posting board, and it wouldn’t have been possible to grow to #1 by not being legit.

Are you sure I qualify?

YES! There are thousands of employers on the site, looking to hire people of all skill levels. Tens of thousands of workers have found employment using, and we have rarely come across someone who couldn’t find a position. As long as you’re over 18, and legally allowed to work, it’s not a problem. Age isn’t a factor.

Can I work online?

YES! In fact, you’ll be required to work online. You will not be leaving the African to go work abroad (we do not allow job posts that require moving). You will be working from your home (or possibly from an internet cafe) doing online tasks for foreign companies.

Most of the work will involve doing internet-based tasks.

What if I don’t get paid?

We are here to help both workers and employers resolve salary disputes. We act as mediators in these disagreements and listen to both sides of the story, negotiating a solution where both parties can be accommodated. Nearly all disputes happen when an employer is very unsatisfied with the work done by a worker. Bottom Line: If you do good work, you get paid.

We want to be the safest workplace possible. In the unlikely case where an employer refuses to pay for work done, we will remove the employer from our site. We will also send what the employer paid us for their subscription to the worker.

What kind of job will I be doing?

It completely depends on your job and on your employer.

Common tasks include writing articles, blogs, forum posts, and other content. You might be updating websites or blogs. You might be doing some link building. Maybe programming (if that’s a skill you have). You might be doing customer support through email or chat. Maybe you’ll be designing web pages or building web sites. Doing research and gathering data is a common task.

The tasks vary widely. We promise you’ll be matched up with a company looking for your skill set. You’ll also likely be asked to learn new things and to grow! is an online marketplace for finding African virtual Workers. We have the largest database of African virtual workers: more than 500,000 profiles and 10,000+ African join each month.