Employer FAQ

What does the free account get me?

Free allows you to post a job (you can’t see job applications until you upgrade, but you can see how many people applied).

You can only interview workers once you’ve paid for an account

Do I need to keep the subscription after I hire someone ?

No, you don’t have to keep it. There is no time requirement. No contracts.

When you’re done recruiting, you don’t have to keep your subscription.

Of course…if you’re Premium the worker coaching service might be worth it!

Why we are diiferent than Upwork ?

There’s been a lot of confusion between the different job platforms that exist. Because we all serve basically the same purpose, people get to interchange different features, or misunderstand how each platform works. In fact, whenever kritko.com go to different forums and talks, this type of confusion is something that we already expect.

We’re here to set the record straight. WE ARE NOT UPWORK!

We are not Upwork because kritko.com:

  • focus only on African Talents.
  • encourages employing dedicated virtual assistants.
  • doesn’t charge virtual assistants.

How do I pay the worker ?

Use the system– Use the system integrated Paypal. If you do not have paypal. don’t worry. We have stripe integration too. So, now you have the option to use your bank cards to pay.

What TAXES are involved ?

The short – none.

The medium – this is an overseas sub-contractor. You don’t 1099 them. You don’t report their wages. You don’t pay unemployment insurance. You don’t do withholding. You don’t have to deal with taxes (please consult an accountant!)

How to cancel the order ?

If you use a credit card to pay for your subscription, click the billing link on your my account page, then the cancel link next to your subscription.

If you are using Paypal, login to your Paypal account, click on any of the payments to kritko.com , and click the cancel subscription link.

If you just want a single payment guaranteed not to re-bill, simply create a subscription and then immediately cancel the subscription (or have us do it for you). You’ll still have upgraded access for the time that you bought.

Shall I find someone good for my work?

Well, we can’t guarantee it (except we do!), but with half a million worker profiles, there’s a lot of talent in our database.

We rarely find an employer who can’t find a good fit for their company. Usually it’s the employer who wants someone who can do everything that leaves dissatisfied. That’s not you…right?

How do I trust the worker?

A cultural trait of the African is honesty. Obviously not everyone is honest, so you would trust the workers just like you would with a local worker. At first, have them do non-sensitive tasks until you build a relationship of trust, and then later you can give them more access.

It took us over a year before we realized we could trust workers from the African. Today we trust new hires from day 1.

Kritko.com is an online marketplace for finding African virtual Workers. We have the largest database of African virtual workers: more than 500,000 profiles and 10,000+ African join each month.